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The MFC 5150 HART ® Communicator is the latest HART ® communicator from Meriam Process Technologies. HART ® field devices can be configured and trimmed using the MFC. The MFC is a full function HART ® Communicator with time-saving features that optimize commissioning, configuration and maintenance operations.

MFC 5150 supports all HART ® devices at the Universal and Common Practice command levels plus a large and growing list of devices at the Device Specific command level.

MFC 5150 is for general purpose (non-hazardous environments only). MFC 5150X is Intrinsically Safe hazardous environments.
 MFC 5150 HART ® Communicator, CE MFC 5150 HART Communicator, CE
MFC 5150 Product Detail/Order
 MFC 5150X HART ® Communicator, CE & I.S.
MFC 5150X Product Detail/Order
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