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The MFC 4150 HART ® Communicator is the latest HART ® communicator from Meriam Process Technologies. HART ® field devices can be configured and trimmed using the MFC. The MFC is a full function HART ® Communicator with time-saving features that optimize commissioning, configuration and maintenance operations.

MFC 4150 supports all HART ® devices at the Universal and Common Practice command levels plus a large and growing list of devices at the Device Specific command level. View our field device list by going to and selecting Available DOFs.

MFC 4150 is for general purpose (non-hazardous environments only). MFC 4150X is Intrinsically Safe hazardous environments.
 MFC 4150 HART ® Communicator, CE MFC 4150 HART Communicator, CE
MFC 4150 Product Detail/Order
 MFC 4150X HART ® Communicator, CE & I.S.
MFC 4150X Product Detail/Order
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